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No Nursing Home For Me

Health care or Medicare is very different from long-term care. Why? Health care and Medicare are designed as curative or rehabilitative programs. Not so for long-term care which is custodial care. Custodial care provides assistance with activities of daily living or supervision due to cognitive impairment. People often think long-term care is only care provided

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Is Long-Term Care Insurance On Its Death Bed?

When I started my business in 2000, there were about 140 insurance companies marketing long-term care insurance products. Today, just a handful. About seven offering standalone products if you count the federal program for government employees. More if you include insurers offering hybrid designs that include a life insurance or annuity component. Collective premiums in

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The Wish Act – Appropriately Named

Another attempt at long-term care funding. The WISH Act: Well-Being Insurance for Seniors to be at Home. Do we need it? Sure. Only 10% of Americans aged 50 and older have long-term care insurance. Yet most of us will experience a long-term care event once we reach age 65 and beyond. Average long-term care expense

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