A November Awareness Month to Remember

November is a busy month with many important causes in the spotlight! Touching on a few of our favorites, this month marks a period of awareness for Long-Term Care, Alzheimer’s Disease, Family Caregivers, and even Adopt a Senior Pet!

Long-Term Care

The whole month is dedicated to raising awareness of long-term care. We are here to give you the facts! Check how much you know and most importantly, get your plan together!

Alzheimer’s disease

Your brain is about three pounds and made up of three parts. Check out what a brain with Alzheimer’s looks like compared to a healthy brain. It’s no wonder it is such a debilitating disease.  

Family Caregivers

Perhaps the hardest job with the lowest pay. Get tips from the Caregiver Action Network on how to care for yourself while caring for those you love.

Adopt a Senior Pet

Always a dog lover, I must shine a little light on the needs of a different kind of senior in our community. Canines. Love these reasons to consider bringing a mature dog into your life.