Men Truly Are The Weaker Sex

Weren’t we all led to believe that women are the weaker sex? And the reason women outlive men is because men worked and most women stayed at home.

New research based on medical and demographic studies dating back to the 14th century discards old thinking once and for all. It reveals that men are truly the weaker sex because of their biological makeup.

It’s all in the hormones

Because of biological makeup, women are the stronger sex. That’s why women live longer.

There is good news and not so good about being the stronger sex.

It’s true that many women are homemakers raising children and managing the home. It’s also true that many women are caregivers for elderly loved ones.

Both situations result in less working years, less wages, less retirement savings, pension income and Social Security benefits.

We’ve long written about women outliving their men, becoming elder orphans, women needing long-term care insurance and more.

Over half of women age 65 and older will be single

In her article, “Many Women Will Be Single in Retirement. Are You Ready?” Maryalene LaPonsie poses six things that women can do to prepare financially for retirement.

Census Bureau statistics indicate that over half of women 65 and older will be single at some point in retirement. If you are in that cohort, will you be ready?