Hope Is More Contagious …

These are uncertain times for all of us

Questions about health and the economy are discussed and debated continuously.

Not one to cry easily, I have fought back tears recently. Friends dying alone. No way to sit by their hospital beds, hold hands and share precious moments together. Or a final hug or kiss.

I never thought I would see empty shelves at the grocery store. I never thought buying TP and Kleenex would put a smile on my face. And I never thought swapping a thermometer for paper towels with my neighbor could bring such relief. Pretty simple pleasures. 

Americans band together

Some might call me an elder orphan. (Hate the “elder” adjective almost as much as I dislike the “orphan” part). What’s an elder orphan? The current definition is an old person who is single, lives alone, and has no children or support system.

Most of my women friends who along with me climbed the proverbial corporate ladder didn’t have kids. We married older guys increasing our odds of widowhood. Some never married. Others have outlived family and close friends.

But we do band together caring for one another. 

“Let’s All Sing!” is a compelling article written by retired Navy admiral William H. McRaven about banding together. Things will get worse before they get better. But we will prevail because hope is more contagious than the virus.