Demonstrating Your Love

As Silvia Smith wrote on her blog

“The rush you get when you fall in love with someone mobilizes all your senses, and causes a whirl of emotions, thoughts, and, not to forget, chemical reactions – all of which inevitably make you yearn more and more and more.

“Nonetheless, at some point, these emotions need to adapt to a more profound, although possibly less exciting love in marriage. This love is based on shared values, on mutual plans and willingness to commit to the future together …” 

Haven’t we all experienced the moment of falling in love? For some of us probably a dozen times or more! 

Yes. We care about those that we have special relationships with – spouses, partners, lovers, children, friends, co-workers and more. But let’s focus on the care in long-term care.

Having a plan for the potential need of long-term care is a true demonstration of love and caring for those special relationships. 

Caregiving is hard. We want to do it. Do it well. And with grace and understanding. But it is hard. It takes a toll financially, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Caregiving often turns to coping. Eventually, family caregivers need help. 

To make this Valentine’s Day special for those you care about, why not design a plan so they know your wishes? It starts with three questions:

  • If you needed care, where would you want to receive care?
  • If you needed care, who would you want to provide care?
  • If you needed care, how would you pay for care?

This would be a heartfelt, loving gift. You could enclose your plan in a special card with candy hearts and messages like ALL MY LOVE, I GOT U BABE, SOUL MATE.