Cuddle Puddles

Have you heard the new phrase, “cuddle puddle?” Maybe not. It describes how we might react to physical contact once we can engage socially again. We’ll just be a bunch of cuddle puddles hugging each other. 

Now some say the continental cheeky kiss will become the norm as it is safer than shaking hands. And then there’s always elbow bumping and shoe tapping.

My 99-year-old father canceled his birthday trip to spend a week with me going to Cactus League baseball training games when he was told if he traveled on an airplane he would be quarantined upon his return to his senior community. He told me that at his age he did not think he could endure the isolation.

Virtual happy hours have become part of the new norm. 

The new status symbol

Will masks become the new fashion statement? Status symbol? Elastic ear loops or bows? Patterned kerchiefs? Sequins? Glitter? Matching fabrics?

Clients of mine in assisted living communities have found the isolation difficult. No physical visits from family or friends allowed. But the isolation has kept the community safe. Thanks to Zoom and Skype they have been able to stay somewhat connected. But no touching.

As Josephine Tovey wrote, “Touch – when it’s wanted, when it’s caring – is so good for us. It connects us to each other.” Read more about what she calls “skin hunger.”